Pricing / Shop


A Mapgrove Studio subscription (access to the tool) is required to create your own thematic maps.

We currently offer these subscriptions:

  • 1 month subscription (€ 45)
  • 12 months subscription (€ 270)

After your subscription ends there is no obligation to renew or extend your subscription.

To start your subscription, these two steps are required:

  • register (once, free) with an email-address / password or using Google+
  • buy a subscription in the Shop

Base Maps

To make it easy for you, we offer administrative and zip code (postcode) area base maps for many countries in the world...

With every subscription access to one base map of choice is included. For many users this is sufficient.

Additional base maps are offered in the Shop. They are bundled in map packages.

You buy map packages only once and they stay valid indefinitely, even when you do not have a valid subscription.

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